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Our weekly ministry series focused on helping you build your faith on solid ground. Every Thursday at 5pm the whole club gets together to hear an inspiring Bible-centered message and gather in fellowship groups to dig deeper. In the midst of your week, find the Word and find others choosing to pursue Christ in college. Join us this semester in CHEM 109!

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And you shall

know the truth,

and the truth shall set you free.

JOHN 8:32


KNOW THE TRUTH - In An Age of Confusion

What’s the difference between “my truth” and “the truth”? One allows you to stay the same, and the other requires change. In an age of confusion, we’re coming back to the solid ground of the truth in God’s Word & stepping up to know it, love it, speak it and build our lives upon it. Join us every Thursday at 5pm in CHEM 109!

THURSDAYS // 5-6:15PM // CHEM 109


Find all our messages on the CS app!

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